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► Saturday, June 11, 2011 | 11:03 AM

X-MEN : FIRST CLASS is worth to be watch man! So damn cool and nice movie. I have been watched two times in Melbourne cinema & Kuching cinema. I'm so gonna download their OST, the instrument is so nice! LOL James McAvoy who as younger Professor X in X-MEN : FIRST CLASS role. He has a pairs of pure blue eyes, GOD! Although he's look may not that good looking but I can feel that he is so man. *in love mood* Just got back from Melbourne last night, I go there for two weeks during this holidays :D I met my beloved sister Michelle and I have a lots of fun and taking a lots of pictures :) Lie to Me is getting more interesting and more serious this time. And school is reopen soon and I don't want *cry* I re-watched Secret Garden and Stairway to Heaven again this times LOL No thing much to said this time so let's just say Goodbye and Goodnight this time.


Royal Wedding & Korean Drama
► Friday, April 29, 2011 | 10:22 PM
Today is a not very nice day since I've cleaned my damn school, it's so yuckie and dirty! -_- and tomorrow is our school charity sales :) and I need to wake up in the early morning 5am on sunday T_T and I've my new coming up list for korean drama. Lie to Me is on my top #1 list :DDD I've watched the full teaser and it's catch my heart. Yoon Eun Hye is beautiful and cute and the hot guy looks a little bit like our cool leader Jung Yunho. Kang Ji Hwan :D GOD!! He looks good in tux and I means there are a lot of hot guys look good in tux :P Yesterday england prince William & Kate have their royal wedding, they even kiss two times for the people and Kate's wedding dress is simply yet beauty but compared to the 1981 princess Diana's wedding dress, I preferred prince Diana wedding dress more then Kate wedding dress :D SBS Korean entertainment channel never failed me with their drama such as Secret Garden, My Girl, Stairway to Heaven and All In etc... and now their new coming up drama Lie to me featuring Yoon Eun Hye and Kang Ji Hwan which make me looking forwards to this drama. Coming this 9th of May on SBS channel :D Fuck youtube for blocking my country for not access through this two teaser and godness thank you to dailymotion for not doing this to me :') CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS DRAMA KYA! *scream*

[Teaser] Lie To Me K-Drama-Yoon Eun Hye & Kang... by miya2008


14th, new layout
► Tuesday, April 19, 2011 | 12:36 AM
Hey guys, busy buddy jusce is back with new 14th new layout featuring the Secret Garden lover "Kim Joo Won & Gil Ra Im". I'm totally so in love with this drama. I re-watched this drama for six time LOL I'm so in love with this new couple too :D They are so sweet. This drama is highly recommended and you won't regret. The OST is bravo and ♥. Hyun Bin have gone to Marine Military, I miss him T_T (He will be back on the 6th of December 2012) he is a real man! Ha Ji Won for her new korean movie "Sector 7" is about alien and movie... O_O" I've have updated my portfolio section and affiliates page :) Oh! I have been updated my almost deadly site aka portfolio and the others are dead too -_-" I still got a lots of request to get it done but not one of them are done. LOL I really sorry *cry helpless* you guys can kill me and I'm not a good webmistress. I admitted that since I'm not active and half dead. Sometimes I'm really tired, you guys may think I'm crazy. Yeah I'm crazy and LAZY #_# *dies* I've watched Dream High and I don't really into the main characters but Milky Couple (Wooyoung & IU) just make up my day LOL They are so adorable and sweet KYA! If you haven't watch Secret Garden, GO WATCH NOW OR YOU'LL REGRET FOREVER! REALLY I SWEAR TO GOD!! Why? I can't put too much spoiler here for those who haven't watch *pouted* But the ending will be more perfect then your thoughts :D CAN ANYONE GET ME ONE MAN THAT JUST LIKE JOO WON?! And thank you so much for the valentine gifts from our lovely affies :D LAFS, Fairytale Fantasies :D

"Why is it always so grim in your dreams?" - Kim Joo Won (Hyun Bin)

"Because in my dreams…you’re there." - Gil Ra Im (Ha Ji Won)

"With me…even in your dreams…are you not happy?" - Kim Joo Won (Hyun Bin)

"Come anyway. Tomorrow. And the next day." - Gil Ra Im (Ha Ji Won)


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